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The Seminal Literature of Nanotechnology Research
Source: U.S. Office of Naval Services – Publication date: November 2005
A chronically weak area in research papers, reports, and reviews is the complete identification of seminal background documents that formed the building blocks for these papers. A method for systematically determining these seminal references is presented. Citation-Assisted Background (CAB) is based on the assumption that seminal documents tend to be highly cited. Application of CAB to the field of nanotechnology research is presented. While CAB is a highly systematic approach for identifying seminal references, it serves as a supplement and is not a substitute for the judgment of the authors.

The Structure and Infrastructure of the Global Nanotechnology Literatur
Source: U.S. Office of Naval Services – Publication date: November 2005
A text mining analysis of the global open nanotechnology literature was performed. Records from the Science Citation Index Social Science Citation Index (SCI) were analyzed to provide the infrastructure of the global nanotechnology literature (prolific authors, journals, institutions, countries, most cited authors, papers, journals) and the thematic structure (taxonomy) of the global nanotechnology literature, from a science perspective. Records from the Engineering Compendex (EC) were analyzed to provide a taxonomy from a technology perspective.

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