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European Technology Platform on NanoMedicine
Source: European Technology Platform NANOMEDICINE – Publication date: September 2005
Vision Paper and Basis for a Strategic Research Agenda for NanoMedicine in Europe. This European Technology Platform addresses ambitious, responsible research, development and innovation in Nanotechnology for Health to strengthen the competitive scientific and industrial position of Europe in the area of NanoMedicine and improve the quality of life and health care of its citizens.

FDA Nanotechnology Task Force Report
Source: U.S. Food and Drug Administration – Publication date: July 2007
In 2006, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) initiated the Nanotechnology Task Force to help assess if emerging nanotechnologies pose questions regarding the adequacy and application of the FDA regulatory guidelines. The Task Force'??s initial findings were issued in this report.

General safe practices for working with engineered nanomaterials in research laboratories
Source: NIOSH – Publication date: May 2012
With the publication of this document, NIOSH hopes to raise awareness of the occupational safety and health practices that should be followed during the synthesis, characterization, and experimentation with engineered nanomaterials in a laboratory setting. The document contains recommendations on engineering controls and safe practices for handling engineered nanomaterials in laboratories and some pilot scale operations. This guidance was designed to be used in tandem with well-established practices and

GENNESYS White Paper
Source: GENNESYS – Publication date: February 2009
GENNESYS is a foresight project to roadmap the future research needs and to pinpoint the various scientific challenges and technological limitations in the various areas in nanomaterials research. The GENNESYS White Paper is the result of a several year-long collaborative work of more than 600 experts from all over the world and gives an overall picture of the present and future developments in the large spectrum of nanomaterials

Global Dialogue on Nanotechnology and the Poor: Opportunities and Risks
Source: Meridian Institute – Publication date: January 2005
Meridian Institute has developed a Paper to raise awareness about the implications of nanotechnology for poor people, both the potential opportunities and risks

Green Nanotechnology
Source: Project on Emerging Nanotechnologies – Publication date: April 2007
The ability to eliminate waste and toxins from production processes early on, to create more efficient and flexible solar panels, and to remove contaminants from water is becoming an exciting reality with nanotechnology. This "green nanotechnology" involves designing nanoproducts for the environment and with the environment in mind. This report highlights the research breakthroughs, industry perspectives, and policy options.

Impact of Engineered Nanomaterials on Health: Considerations for Benefit-Risk Assessment
Source: European Commission Joint Research Centre – Publication date: October 2011
This policy report is the result of the first strategic liaison between the JRC and EASAC and provides independent, cross-referenced, science-based analysis of the impact of nanomaterials on human health. The report is directed at European and national policy-makers and citizens. Nanomaterials have the potential to play a major role in European innovation, economic growth and industrial competitiveness. In order to capitalise on this technology and reap the promised benefits, the EU must ensure the appropriate framework for its success. A key element in this regard concerns a harmonised assessment of the safety of nanomaterials and this requires a strengthened dialogue between policy-makers and scientists.

Impact of Nanotechnology in Health and Medical Systems
Source: Nanoroadmap Project (NRM) – Publication date: December 2005
A 10 year (2006-2015) technology roadmap for Nanomedicine in Europe with a focus on four topics: Drug encapsulation/ drug delivery/ drug targeting; Molecular Imaging/ Biophotonics; Biochips/ High-Throughput Screening/ Lab-on-a-chip technology; Biomolecular Sensors.

Industrial application of nanomaterials - chances and risks
Source: VDI Technologiezentrum – Publication date: September 2004
The objectives of this report are to assemble available information from public and private sources on changes but also possible hazards involving industrial nanoparticle production, to evaluate the risks for workers, consumers and the environment, and to give recommendations for setting up regulatory measures and codes of good practice.

Informed Public Perceptions of Nanotechnology and Trust in Government
Source: Project on Emerging Nanotechnologies – Publication date: September 2005
The report offers a view of the nano applications and products people think are most important, examines who Americans trust most to manage nanotechnology a??s potential risks and highlights concerns about nanotechnology‚??s use. It is based on a series of representative experimental issues groups held this summer in three U.S. cities ‚?? Cleveland, Dallas and Spokane.

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