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The group conducts interdisciplinary research focused on functional oxides (thin films, nanowires, and nanoparticles) and their use in emerging electronics and energy harvesting applications. High-k oxides, ferroelectrics, thermoelectrics, and semiconducting oxides are of interest. they have active projects in use of these materials for micropower generation, energy storage, nanodevices, and large-area flexible electronics.
This lab strives to integrate advanced nanomaterials via industry standard CMOS process compatible in-house micro and nanofabrication to build nanoscale devices specially nanoelectroncis for smart living and integrated systems for sustainable future (energy, health and security applications).
The group creates new nanostructured materials by designed synthesis to provide a platform for developing novel applications. Of particular interest are nanoporous (both inorganic and polymeric) materials which are characterized by large surface area, high porosity and uniform pores of molecular dimensions, and are very useful for applications in catalysis, separation, adsorption and gas storage.