Posted: April 13, 2009

Practical applications of nanotechnology in construction will be presented at Cairo conference

(Nanowerk News) A simple treatment of a nano-coating to building surfaces could leave an entire structure unscathed in the event of an overwhelming fire. Details about this application along with a multitude of similar practical developments will be the subject of the Nano Cement, Steel & Construction Industries Conference to be held May 16-17, 2009 at the splendid Sofitel Gezirah in Cairo, Egypt.
>Nano Cement, Steel and Construction Industries Conference
This conference will provide solutions to the shortcomings in current construction models using the emerging technologies of the nanoscale. A variety of nanoconstruction materials and products will be introduced, including self-consolidating concrete, super hard steel, and nano-ceramics. The conference will also examine how integrating nanomaterials can affect several properties, including strength and flexibility, of conventional building materials in projects ranging from small housing to large-scale ventures such as bridge construction.
All industries involved in the construction sector are encouraged to attend and discover the advantages of nanotechnology in guiding them to cost-effectiveness with superior results, and how their modifications will help propel the entire sector. Additionally, interior designers, architects, urban planners, nanotechnology specialists and business organizations will also benefit from expert research and insights, and the valuable networking opportunities with expanding regional companies.
At the head of the conference organization is the blooming nanotechnology consulting firm SabryCorp Ltd. for Science and Development, which has successfully held influential, knowledge-packed conventions in the past aimed at both regional and international interests.
To uphold the best interests of societies in any part of the world, enhancements in construction are needed to keep up with the rapidly advancing technologies in many other sectors and the worldwide effort to utilize environmentally-friendly processes and materials.
Source: SabryCorp
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