Posted: May 5, 2009

Smart Grid Implementation Summit gathers major stakeholders in smart grid deployment

(Nanowerk News) The Smart Grid Implementation Summit, a three-day senior-level gathering of the major stakeholders in national smart grid deployment will be held August 17-19, 2009, in Washington, DC. Organized by the International Quality and Productivity Center (IQPC), this public-private sector forum focuses on the "how to" of launching, implementing and operating smart grid projects.
Some of the largest national utility companies, including Austin Energy, SEMPRA Energy, Pepco Holdings Inc., and Pacific Gas & Electric, will present their companies' innovative approaches to smart grid implementation challenges - developing a business case for a smart grid pilot, structuring financing for capital expenditures and deploying technology in customer homes.
Members of the Federal Smart Grid Task Force will lead discussion on policy efforts to promote standards interoperability and opportunities to receive Federal funding for smart grids.
Visionary technology leaders such as GE and mPhase Technologies will highlight state-of-the-art technology developments and partnerships with the utility industry that will speed up the full scale deployment of a smart grid.
Confirmed speakers include: -- Patrick Hogan, Senior VP of Network Strategy, National Grid -- Andres Carvallo, CIO, Austin Energy -- William Gausman, Senior VP for Asset Management & Planning, Pepco Holdings, Inc.
-- Steve Bossart, Senior Manager & Technical Advisor, NETL, DOE -- Jamie Simler, Deputy Director, Office of Energy Market Regulation, FERC -- Dr. David Wollman, Chief of Quantum Electric Metrology Division, NIST -- Bob Gilligan, Vice President, GE Energy Transmsission & Distribution -- Ron Dorando, CEO, mPhase Technologies -- Adam Grosser, General Partner, Foundation Capital Additionally, SEMPRA Energy, Pacific Gas & Electric, PowerCentsDC, Horizon Energy Group, Deloitte and ScottMadden join the discussion of how to plan, fund and run a smart grid pilot.
The Smart Grid Implementation Summit promotes action among the electric power utility companies, policy stakeholders and smart grid technology companies on electric grid modernization by demonstrating clear impacts and benefits of leading smart grid pilots. The Summit addresses major challenges facing the smart grid industry in managing demand response technology, navigating the policy landscape, promoting interoperable standards, addressing customer privacy and cyber security concerns, and evaluating smart grid performance and impact on existing assets and operations.
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Source: IQPC
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