Posted: November 21, 2006

Making sense of the future: example nanotechnology risks

(Nanowerk News) Public perception plays an important role in the acceptance of technological innovation. There are various studies on the risk perception of future technological innovations that provide valuable information for entrepreneurs, regulators and other decision-makers. However, these studies rely on the divergence between future technological development on the one hand and present preferences and perceptions of the public on the other.
A workshop at the European Futurists Conference later this month in Switzerland will deal with nanotechnology as an example to critically discuss this divergence, and provides conceptual ideas for constructing future risk perception in order to overcome this divergence.
The workshop, called "Foresight of People's Risk Perception – the Example of Nanotechnology" takes a first step towards the foresight of people's risk perception as a means of risk communication, innovation management, sustainable governance.
The session is hosted by Dr. Arnim Wiek from the Institute for Human-Environment Systems (HES) and Dr. Michael Siegrist, Professor for Human-Environment Interaction, both at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich.
Source: European Futurist Conference