Posted: May 13, 2009

Quantum nanoelectronics - An introduction to electronic nanotechnology and quantum computing

(Nanowerk News) The march of Moore's Law takes electronics to the molecular level, and indeed molecules are likely to be incorporated in future hybrid computer chips.
This self-contained text guides students as well as professionals to the new possibilities presenting a treatment of Quantum Computing, a promising new approach which is based on Quantum Mechanics. This essential new title also covers topics which connect to alternative energy technology, for example solar cell design, photocatalytic conversion of water to hydrogen, and high performance batteries.
From the Back Cover
'Quantum Nanoelectronics' is the first textbook to handle important growth areas not covered in existing books, including adiabatic quantum computing, nanoelectronic aspects of ink-printed thin film solar cells, nanostructured electrodes, solar water splitting, and convenient hydrogen storage, thereby suggesting profitable new directions for nanoelectronic technology. Expanded tutorial coverage is provided for aspects of molecular electronics, from the basics of electronic conduction through chemical bonds to a sixteen-bit computing device as shown in the cover illustration. The interested reader, either a student or a professional interested in a new career direction, is encouraged to use simple theoretical models and to return to the entrepreneurial approach of the pioneers in the Moore's Law revolution.
Source: Wiley