Posted: May 14, 2009

Winner announced for the 2009 Nicholas Kurti European Science Prize

(Nanowerk News) Oxford Instruments are delighted to announce that Dr John Morton from the department of Materials at Oxford University is the 2009 recipient of the Nicholas Kurti European Science Prize.
Dr Morton, supported by the Royal Society and St John’s College, has pioneered the application of techniques of magnetic resonance spectroscopy to combinations of electron and nuclear spins to store quantum information for extended times and to manipulate it with exquisite precision. He was able to establish that such systems, including those based on molecular materials, are viable for a quantum nanotechnology. He is also the founder of, an open online resource aimed at sharing information and promoting discussions in quantum information science and technology.
Dr John Morton
Dr John Morton
Professor George Pickett of Lancaster University, chairman of the committee of senior scientists who assess the nominations, commented: “ We decided to award the prize to Dr Morton not only for the wide range of novel experiments which he has undertaken but also that he has achieved so much at a very early stage in his career. “
The Nicholas Kurti European Science Prize, sponsored by Oxford Instruments, is intended to recognise and promote outstanding achievements of young scientists in the field of physical sciences research and to support their career development. It is named after Professor Nicholas Kurti known for his distinguished work in ultra-low temperature physics at the Clarendon Laboratory, Oxford University. The prize winner receives a €8000 cash prize, a unique trophy and certificate. The winner also has the opportunity to present his work at a conference of his choice.
Previous winners of the prize include Prof. Lieven Vandersypen, Dr. Silvano De Franceschi, Dr. Andreas Wallraff and Dr. Kostantin Novoselov.
Source: Oxford Instruments
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