Posted: May 15, 2009

Nanoscale research grants from Veeco Labs

(Nanowerk News) Veeco has announced their second Veeco Labs request for proposals. Veeco Labs was created as a venue for Veeco to participate in, and fund, the SPM community on advanced research topics. In this program, Veeco will award the best five (5) proposals, an ~$40k electronic application module (TUNA/TR-TUNA, SSRM, SCM, or CAFM) for the Dimension, MultiMode, or Innova SPMs. Veeco will also assist the grant winners with the necessary documentation for submitting the award for 3rd party matching funds.
The topic of the second Veeco Labs solicitation is for concept development and validation using the SPM 1) to speed the characterization of, 2) facilitate the development of, 3) improve the yield/efficiency of, or 4) enhance fundamental understanding of, Energy Generation (e.g., solar, thermovoltaics, etc.), Storage (e.g., batteries, hydrogen, etc.), or Conservation (e.g., LED, engineered materials).
Please submit your completed proposal online at Proposals should not exceed five (5) pages in length, including abstract references and figures. Proposals must include the specific module type being applied for.
All proposals are due June 30th, 2009.
Proposed research should focus on innovations that enable revolutionary advances in physics, materials, instrumentation, and devices. Speculative and high-risk ideas are strongly encouraged. The proposal should clearly state the problem being addressed, the proposed solution, and critical milestones the research activity will address.
Note that the problem statement can be broader than the focused effort addressed in the initial research, but the interrelationship of the two must be clearly articulated.
The initial research should focus on a clearly defined problem that can be answered in a 12-month activity, consisting of critical analysis, design, and/or experimental exploration. Veeco expects that successful effort will be a precursor and proof-of-concept solution to a larger problem that is sufficiently important and challenging to warrant follow-on funding from Veeco.
Awards are for the application module only (check with your Veeco representative to ensure system compatibility) and will be made at the Seeing at the Nanoscale VII conference.
Source: Veeco
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