Posted: May 18, 2009

UK experts drive nanotechnology debate at BIO 2009

(Nanowerk News) At this year’s BIO conference in Atlanta, UK scientists and biotech experts will lead debate on how to drive the development of nanotechnology and maximise its potential to speed up drug discovery and create and enhance patient therapies.
At a debate hosted by Dr. Moira Gunn of Biotech Nation, speakers will explore how the biotech and pharma industries can realise the full potential of nanotechnology to ensure successful commercial development of new drugs.
The panel includes Professor Tony Cass, Research Director (Bionanotechnology) at Imperial College London, and Dr. Mike Fisher, Business Development Director of Bio Nano Consulting Ltd and Theme Manager for Bionano & Nanomedicine with the UK’s NanoKTN. Both are clear that action needs to be taken to prevent the development of nanotechnology being held back in the same way that advances in biotech were initially resisted by the pharma industry.
Bio Nano Consulting and Imperial College London are amongst some 200 British firms, institutes and universities in the US this week, pitching their brightest ideas for tackling diseases such as swine flu, cancer and HIV to buyers at the world’s biggest biotechnology event.
Also among the UK contingent attending this year will be the Institute of Cancer Research and AstraZeneca. GlaxoSmithKline, that makes Relenza, one of the two top antivirals used against swine flu, will also be present.
UK Trade & Investment is supporting the UK presence with a UK Innovation Zone at BIO 2009, several panel seminars on cutting edge innovations, and receptions involving contacts from China, Australia and New Zealand. Find out more at
Source: UK Trade & Investment
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