Metamaterials: Critique and Alternatives
Posted: May 19, 2009

Metamaterials: Critique and Alternatives

(Nanowerk News) Metamaterials are a new class of ordered composites that exhibit exceptional properties not readily observed in nature. In Metamaterials, Professor Munk, a leading expert on periodic structures, denies the existence of negative refraction and provides convincing alternative explanations involving surface waves to some of the experimental examples of metamaterials in the literature. While the debate on this subject is just starting, Professor Munk's arguments should be the catalyst to much healthy discussion amongst researchers and graduate students in electromagnetics, antenna theory, materials research, and chemistry.
From the Back Cover
In a book that will generate both support and controversy, one of the world's foremost authorities on periodic structures addresses several of the current fashions in antenna design—most specifically, the popular subject of double negative metamaterials. Professor Munk provides a comprehensive theoretical electromagnetic investigation of the issues and concludes that many of the phenomena claimed by researchers may be impossible. While denying the existence of negative refraction, the author provides convincing alternative explanations for some of the experimental examples in the literature.
Although the debate on this subject is just beginning, Professor Munk has received support by various numerical simulations, winning him the encouragement of numerous experts in the field. The issues that are raised here have not been addressed thoroughly by the metamaterials community, and this book will serve as a catalyst for much healthy debate and discussion.
Metamaterials: Critique and Alternatives is destined to become a classic resource for graduate students and researchers in electromagnetics, antenna theory, materials research, and chemistry.
Source: Wiley
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