Posted: May 26, 2009

ICPCNanoNet off to a good start

(Nanowerk News) Now reaching the end of its first project year, the ICPCNanoNet partnership is looking forward to presenting its accomplishments at the annual workshop to be held on 1st June in Prague. A busy year has gone by, providing the global nano-community with a new exclusive publications archive and databases of organisations and scientists, focusing on International Cooperation Partners Countries (ICPC) of the EU. Furthermore, the first annual reports covering eight regions are being finalised at this moment, mapping nanoscientific and nanotechnological activity in ICPC.
ICPCNanoNet Workshop 2009
The ICPCNanoNet partnership is opening its doors for the first annual workshop of the ICPCNanoNet project at Prague Congress Centre, Czech Republic on Monday 1st June 2009. Attending the ICPCNanoNet Workshop 2009 is free of charge. The full programme of the event is available at:
Seven guest speakers from the EU and ICPC are specially invited to this event and will be highlighting specific nano-activities of interest to the ICPCNanoNet community. Join also delegates from the ICPCNanoNet partnership, including the Institute of Nanotechnology (UK), St. Petersburg Electrotechnical University (RUS), Jawaharlal Nehru Centre for Advanced Scientific Research (IND), Chinese Society of Micro-Nano Technology (PRC), Malsch TechnoValuation (NL), MERIT of Universiteit Maastricht (NL), and Sociedade Portuguesa de Inovação (PT). Workshop participants are encouraged to share their views with us.
At the workshop, participants will have the opportunity to disseminate posters, brochures, and other material promoting their ongoing nano-activities. Dissemination tables and poster boards will be available upon request.
To register for the ICPCNanoNet workshop, please contact the Workshop Organiser, Mr. Anders Hyttel, Sociedade Portuguesa de Inovação (PT) by email: [email protected] or phone: +351 226076400.
For stakeholders unable to attend the workshop, it will be possible to follow proceedings online through a webcast, which will allow remote users to view presentations and be part of discussions in real-time. Details on how to access the webcast will be disseminated shortly.
ICPCNanoNet publications archive and databases
Among its first achievements, the ICPCNanoNet partnership successfully launched a new publications archive. The electronic nano-archive aims to provide wider access to published nanoscience and technology research on a global scale. At this moment, there are more than 3,000 publications available and it is growing daily. Researchers across the world can be part of this initiative by contributing their articles to the archive at, not only adding to the wealth of information but also increasing their profile in the international community.
Earlier this year, two new databases were launched on the project website:, presenting organisations and researchers that are active in nanoscience and technology. They contribute to the overall aim of providing collaboration opportunities between organisations and scientists in the EU and ICPC. To benefit from these facilities, organisations and researchers can register their details on the project website.
EuroNanoForum2009 Conference
The highly profiled EuroNanoForum2009 Conference is taking place on 2nd to 5th June 2009 at Prague Congress Centre, Czech Republic. Read the latest news at:
It will provide a comprehensive overview of European and international activities in nanoscience and nanotechnology and how these can contribute to a sustainable economy. The partnership of ICPCNanoNet encourages nano-stakeholders from all over the world to attend this Conference, through registration on the website: The ICPCNanoNet Workshop 2009 will take place immediately before the EuroNanoForum Conference, a great opportunity to combine both.
News highlights
- 2nd - 5th June 2009: EuroNanoForum2009 Conference. - 1st June 2009: The first annual ICPCNanoNet workshop to be held in Prague. - 29th May 2009: Annual reports on ICPC regions to be published on website. - 14th February 2009: The electronic publications archive is open for the public. - 2nd February 2009: The ICPCNanoNet website and databases is launched. - 1st June 2008: The ICPCNanoNet project kicks off.
Project contacts
For further information, please visit the Project websites - and; or contact the Project Coordinator, Ms. Lesley Tobin, Institute of Nanotechnology (UK) by email: [email protected] or phone +44 (0)1786458088.
Source: ICPCNanoNet (press release)
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