Posted: June 9, 2009

Register for the FEI cryo-transmission electron microscopy webinar

(Nanowerk News) Cryo fixation and subsequent imaging of tissues and suspensions at cryo temperatures in a Transmission Electron Microscope (TEM) is gaining in importance. The unraveling of the Human Genome and the demand for the exploration of genomic functionality - as part of the development towards new medical interventions - has been a tremendous stimulus to reveal the numerous mutual macromolecular interactions between genetic material, proteins, membranes and organelles. In addition, for optimal control of developmental and manufacturing processes of polymers, food and personal care products, the exploration of product components or hybrids and their in vivo behavior at the macromolecular scale is indispensable.
This webinar will focus on sample preparation and transfer, data acquisition and processing of results - including a description of the critical steps and factors for obtaining 3D-cryo results will be discussed.
Duration: 1 hour
Date and Time: July 14, 2009 - 8 am Pacific
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Source: FEI
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