Posted: July 14, 2009

American Chemical Society announces second nanotechnology video contest

(Nanowerk News) It’s back! The American Chemical Society (ACS) Web community site for nanoscience and nanotechnology researchers and enthusiasts — ACS Nanotation — has launched a second installment of the NanoTube video contest that became an Internet sensation a few months ago.
Entries now are being accepted for the new contest, entitled “How Will Nano Change the World?” Organized as an outgrowth of ACS’ peer-reviewed scientific publishing in the area of nano-scale science, the contest seeks creative videos that convey the applications of nanoscience to a broad audience.
In the first video contest "What is Nano?," contestants illustrated how “nano” is a way of making things smaller, lighter and more efficient, making it possible to build better machines, solar cells, materials and radios. It morphed into the nano-world’s version of an American Idol event, with entries originally submitted to the ACS Nanotation video gallery popping up all over the Internet, giving celebrity to entrants even before a winner had been picked.
But contest organizers realized that another question remained: How exactly is "nano" going to impact both us and the world? Organizers say they want contestants to think BIG about nano — a science that deals with objects thousands of times smaller than the width of a human hair — and show how nano will address these important questions:
  • What can nano do for global security?
  • What can nano do for the environment?
  • What can nano do for sustainable energy?
  • What can nano do for fighting disease?
  • What can nano do for the products you use?
  • What can nano do for you?
  • For contest information go to rules and guidelines or contact [email protected] with any questions.
    Source: American Chemical Society