Posted: July 14, 2009

U. of New Mexico Nanoscience and Microsystems receives U.S. Dept. of Education grant

(Nanowerk News) U.S. Senator Jeff Bingaman has announced that the UNM Nanoscience and Microsystems (NSMS) Graduate Program has been awarded the highly competitive grant to provide fellowships for Graduate Assistance in Areas of National Need (GAANN).
Many of the challenges we face today in energy, medicine or information technology cannot be solved by working within a single discipline. The NSMS interdisciplinary graduate program brings together faculty from 10 participating departments to train students to solve complex problems utilizing the skill sets that come from a variety of academic disciplines.
The U.S. Department of Education GAANN fellowships will provide stipends of up to $30,000 per year for up to 6 UNM Ph.D. students, based on financial need and will include additional funds to cover other costs of education. The grant program is effective in August 2009 for a total duration of three years.
The academic departments participating in the NSMS program are Cancer Biology, Chemical and Nuclear Engineering, Chemistry, Civil Engineering, Earth & Planetary Sciences, Electrical and Computer Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Mathematics & Statistics and Physics and Astronomy.
Students interest in learning more about the NSMS program or applying for the GAANN fellowships should contact Heather Armstrong NSMS program coordinator at (505) 277-6824 or [email protected]
Source: University of New Mexico
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