Posted: Dec 19, 2006

Nanotechnology and complexity: Building functionalities from multitude (Nanowerk News

(Nanowerk News) A seminar this coming Friday, December 21, at the Observatory for Micro and Nanotechnologies in Paris, France, will deal with the complexity and multidisciplinarity inherent in nanotechnologies. The title of the 1-day seminar is Nanotechnology and complexity: Building functionalities from multitude.
Nanotechnologies provide more and more examples of practical systems that include a large number of constituents. These constituents have to be designed, interconnected and controlled in an efficient way, to induce new functionalities based on a collective behaviour. These systems can usually be described as complex systems, displaying properties that can not be simply deduced from their basic building blocks.
Realizing such situation, this state-of-the-art seminar aims at presenting various research and theories developed in the field of complexity and its inherent multidisciplinarity. It includes reviews on synthesis of complex systems to get emerging properties, complexity found in real systems and how to use it, and will provide relevant examples of the new kinds of computing systems that can be attempted in this quite open way ... or have already been built.
The seminar is aimed at researchers and industrial actors involved in electronics, nanotechnologies or biotechnologies and who have to overcome difficulties related to complex architectures, high number of devices, intrinsic complex constituents.
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