Posted: July 27, 2009

Nanoparticle scientist wins environmental award

(Nanowerk News) For her work on predicting the stability of nanoparticles in air and water, CSIRO scientist Dr Amanda Barnard has been awarded one of Australia’s most prestigious environmental awards – the 2009 Mercedes-Benz Australian Environmental Research Award.
Amanda Barnard, CSIRO
Amanda Barnard, CSIRO
Presented in Melbourne on Saturday night at the Banksia Awards 2009, the award recognises Dr Barnard’s ground-breaking work on developing computer models designed to predict the stability of nanoparticles in different environments.
“Nanoparticle research presents exciting opportunities for the development of new technologies, materials and products but, balancing those developments with the need to minimise the environmental impacts, is paramount,” Dr Barnard says.
Using supercomputer simulations, Dr Barnard’s research focuses on enabling scientists to understand how these tiny artificial pieces of matter interact with natural ecosystems.
According to the Awards' judging panel, Dr Barnard has developed an important new approach to modelling the growing array of nano-materials and their interactions with the environment.
“Her approach may provide a way to utilise the advantages of nano-materials in ways that avoid the risks,” the panel said.
Source: CSIRO
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