Posted: November 6, 2009

Pre-announcement: Call for proposals within 'Energy Efficiency with Nanotechnology'

(Nanowerk News) The Top-level Research Initiative is launching a call for user-driven research projects within the sub-programme “Energy Efficiency with Nanotechnology” in the beginning of 2010.
The Top-level Research Initiative is the largest joint Nordic research and innovation initiative to date. In addition to being a Nordic contribution towards solving the global climate crisis, the initiative intends to promote research and innovation within the Nordic countries.
The overall scope of the sub-programme “Energy Efficiency with Nanotechnology” is “Improvement of the efficiency of future sustainable energy system by applying nanotechnology to the transport sector, energy conversion and use”.
Significant added value is expected from this Nordic co-operation by:
  • Facilitating user-driven development of sustainable energy solutions enabled by nanotechnology approaches for commercialization
  • Enhancing Nordic cooperation and augmenting society-industry-academia interaction and international involvement
  • The following three research and development themes are within the scope of this call:
    1. Nano-based surface-treatment concepts for energy-efficient transport and energy conversion including coatings for sustaining extreme and aggressive environments
    2. Nanomaterials for efficient energy conversion and storage devices
    3. Nanostructured materials for efficient light emission / light harvesting
    Industry involvement as active participant is required.
    The budget for the sub-programme is 50 million NOK available over three (3) years. The financed projects may each receive a maximum support of 15 million NOK from the sub-programme, and should in addition present a minimum of 50 % self-financing and/or programme external funding.
    Key activities shall contribute to consolidating and developing the Nordic knowledge base and energy efficient solutions applying nanotechnology. Activities may comprise combinations of:
  • User-driven research
  • Ph.D. and Post-Doc grants
  • Mobility grants (between Nordic countries, and between academia and industry)
  • Workshops and seminars
  • Creation of a common voice in relevant international fora
  • Dissemination of results (participation in international scientific conferences)
  • Network building on both the Nordic and international level
  • The expected deadline for pre-proposals is 1st of March 2010.
    For more information, please contact: [email protected], tel. +47 410 45 211
    Source: Nordisk InnovationsCenter