Posted: November 11, 2009

Investment opportunities in the nanotechnology region of Eastern Germany

(Nanowerk News) Germany is one of the top four locations for nanotechnology worldwide. Within the framework of the conference series "Commercialization of Future Technologies: Investment Opportunities in the Nanotechnology Region of Eastern Germany," Germany Trade & Invest is presenting opportunities for Russian companies and research institutes in the field of nanotechnology in Eastern Germany with an investor event in St. Petersburg on November 12, 2009.
German research institutes are global leaders in nanotechnology and are conducting groundbreaking R&D, especially in the field of applied research. The federal government supports nanotechnology companies specifically with the quick transition from research results to marketable products. The result is that there are more than 1,000 nanotechnology actors in Germany, of these almost 700 companies and over 30 regional clusters. Twenty years after the fall of the Berlin Wall, there are especially attractive investment possibilities in Eastern Germany. The dynamic growth region offers rapid access to the technology markets in the European Union as well as excellent structures for technology transfer.
The event therefore focuses primarily on potential Russian investors, but will also address research institutes and other experts in the field. At the conference, innovative German-Russian companies and specialists in the field of technology transfer will discuss their experiences in the commercialization of nanotechnology in Eastern Germany. They will thereby present their detailed strategies from applied research to marketability.
Keynote speakers will include the renowned St. Petersburg researcher Nikolay Ledentsov, who founded the company VI Systems at the Technical University of Berlin. With this company, Ledentsov has become one of the most innovative global actors in the field of development and manufacturing of optical-electric components.
Representing the German high-tech financing scene, Marco Beckmann, CEO of Nanostart AG, will hold a further keynote speech discussing the criteria for business success in high-tech fields from the viewpoint of a venture capitalist.
Alongside optical technologies, further focal points will include the industry segments organic and printed electronics as well as plasma technology. In each of these segments, nanotechnology is the most important driver of innovation in Germany. Russian companies thereby will have the chance to discover research cooperation opportunities with nanotechnology clusters in Eastern Germany and joint ventures with Eastern German producers.
Following St. Petersburg, the event series will continue in the Russian city of Tomsk on November 17. Further events are planned for the USA in February 2010.
Source: Germany Trade & Invest