Posted: November 12, 2009

NanoKTN publishes a UK nanotechnology health, safety and environment directory

(Nanowerk News) It is well known and understood that the commercialisation of nanotechnologies requires a safe and responsible development approach to be in place. As signposted by the Royal Society and Royal Academy of Engineering report in 2004, Health, Safety and Environmental (HSE) concerns are crucial to society’s acceptance of these new technologies.
The UK in recent years has been at the forefront of this HSE debate internationally, tackling these issues as they relate to the successful commercialisation of products and services on the one hand and protecting the consumer and the environment on the other. As the debate matures and possible regulations and standards are considered, it is important that all the important players in the UK and their particular capabilities are highlighted. One of the ways to ensure that this happens is to publish a directory of the key organisations within the UK so that companies and academic innovators know where to go for relevant information and advice. This gives UK SMEs a boost to their confidence in commercialising nano based products by ensuring information is both available and accessible.
The Nanotechnology KTN therefore in its role are a national knowledge broker was tasked with collating and publishing a directory of organisations who are actively involved with the debate around safe and responsible development.
The directory includes over 30 institutes, Government departments, networks and commercial service providers who are recognised in some way in contributing to the HSE debate. It is intended that the directory is updated from time to time to keep the information current.
For further general information regarding specific entries to the directory please contact [email protected]
Source: nanoKTN