Posted: November 18, 2009

Succesful nanophotonics and nanomodelling schools organized at nanoGUNE center

(Nanowerk News) In order for the field of emerging nanoelectronics to continue growing exponentially worldwide and therefore lead to new commercial applications and to change the micro and nanoelectronics paradigm, it is necessary to educate new researchers who can work across traditional disciplines. The EU funded nanoICT project establishes a broad array of specialised training activities to provide mainly students with interdisciplinary competences in Nanotechnology and more specifically “nano-scale ICT devices & systems” (Emerging Nanoelectronics).
The main training activity within nanoICT was a post-graduate winter school on “ICT nanoscale devices” research domains that took place at CIC nanoGUNE Research Center, in San Sebastian (Spain): October 26-30, 2009 - organised by the Phantoms Foundation, the Spanish National Research Council (CSIC),Donostia International Physics Center (DIPC) and CIC nanoGUNE and in collaboration with the nanoICT Coordination Action.
Two schools of 2 days duration were organized on NanoOptics-NanoPhotonics (35 participants) and NanoModeling (26 participants). Student presented their contribution to this school during the poster sessions.
Such an initiative will generate a new generation of high-skilled interdisciplinary scientists, indispensable to the sustainability of European excellence in the topic considered, but also educate the current working force.
During this school, an open symposium also took place (66 participants). The symposium programme was composed of international representative’s presentations and invited talks on scientific research highlights of NanoICT topics.
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Questions regarding the nanoICT project please contact: Dr. Antonio Correia (Project Coordinator): antonio(at)
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This Non-Profit organisation was established on November 26, 2002 (Madrid, Spain) in order to provide high level Management profile to scientific projects. This association plays an important role in the 7th Framework Programme as a platform for European funded projects (nanoICT, nanomagma, nanoCODE) to spread excellence amongst a wider audience, and to help in forming new networks.
This Association is now a key actor in structuring and fostering European Excellence in “Nanoscience and Nanotechnology”, having a world leading position in organising conferences, training and dissemination activities in this field.
Source: Phantoms Foundation