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Posted: December 2, 2009

Nanobiotechnology cooperation between Northwestern University and University of Gothenburg

(Nanowerk News) Professor Samuel Stupp, Director of Northwestern´s Institute for BioNanotechnology and a great visionary within biomaterials research, visits Göteborg on December 8 to sign a new cooperation agreement with Sahlgrenska Academy at the University of Gothenburg.
“The possibilities to explore, for example, novel, supramolecular, self-assembled materials in patient-centred research on osseointegration and neuroregeneration, provide thrilling prospects. Scientists and graduate students will benefit greatly by the cooperation and exchange made possible by this agreement,” says Professor Peter Thomsen, Director of BIOMATCELL VINN Excellence Center of Biomaterials and Cell Therapy.
Prof. Stupp will also give a very interesting lecture on the subject “Nanotechnology Meets Regenerative Medicine". The ceremony and the lecture are organized by Sahlgrenska Academy at the University of Gothenburg, in cooperation with GöteborgBIO, and will be held in English.
Samuel Stupp is Board of Trustees Professor of Materials Science, Chemistry and Medicine. He is Director of Northwestern´s Institute for BioNanotechnology. He has received numerous national and international awards. His areas of research include supramolecular self-assembly, electric and photonic properties of organic materials, and biomaterials for regenerative medicine. Stupp´s most important and seminal contribution to biomaterials is a broad platform of self-assembling and bioactive materials with potential to revolutionize regenerative medicine. In 2005 Professor Stupp was listed in the Scientific American 50 Leaders Shaping the Future of Technology.
Signing Ceremony
Location: Lounge Birgit Thilander, Academicum, Sahlgrenska Academy, Medicinaregatan 3, Göteborg
Date: December 8th, 2009, 13.00-13.30
Location: Lecture Hall Arvid Carlsson, Academicum, Sahlgrenska Academy, Medicinaregatan 3, Göteborg
Date: December 8th, 2009, 13.30-15.00
Source: GöteborgBIO
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