Posted: December 3, 2009

NanoCentral publishes a resource guide to nanotechnology and nanomaterials services

(Nanowerk News) NanoCentral is instituting a Resource Guide to Nanotechnology and Nanomaterials services. Called NanoPerspective™, the guide will initially be a UK-focused edition, but will develop over time to include the key European and American markets. The Resource Guide will be the prime listing publication for all organisations within the global nanotechnology supply chain, ranging from research, through product development to manufacture and supply, plus ancillary services such as legal, IP, consultancy and business finance. It will be a who’s who of the nanotechnology sector.
The Resource Guide will include a comprehensive classified listing of over 1000 prime organizations, together with an A-Z of a further 3000 companies facilitating this important sector. It will also feature informative market focused editorials reflecting the diverse range of commercial sectors within the growing industry.
Published annually, the first edition of NanoPerpective™ will be launched early 2010 and mailed out to over 4000 targeted organisations and influential decision makers in the nanotechnology industry. An additional 500 copies will be distributed to delegates and visitors to NanoCentral’s annual conference (NanoMaterials2010), which provides an excellent forum to communicate with companies across a broad range of markets and promote rapid commercial success.
NanoPerspective™ offers practical and unique marketing opportunities to promote products and services to the highly lucrative nanotechnology market.
About NanoCentral®
NanoCentral is an alliance of leading companies created to unlock the commercial and societal potential of nanomaterials. As such it forges industry wide collaborations across markets and supply chains, provides access to key enabling technologies, facilities and expertise, assists in the development of new nano-enabled products and offers technology platforms spanning the nanomaterial value chain.
NanoCentral’s 40 strong alliance of technology providers includes such leading companies such as Johnson Matthey, Intrinsiq, the University of Liverpool and Intertek MSG. Its unique facilities include flame spray pyrolysis, plasma synthesis, ultra-high energy mixing and nano product characterisation.
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