Posted: December 8, 2009

Indian-Korean nanotechnology collaboration to supply high-end nanofabrication equipment

(Nanowerk News) The Nano Science & Technology Consortium (NSTC) located at NOIDA, India, announced a tie-up with Midas Systems, Korea to supply high-end nanofabrication equipment in India. “With this collaboration we hope to be able to supply high-end equipment to various industries in India. Our dream is to see India as a leader in Nanotechnology by the year 2020”, said Mr. Puneet Mehrotra, Director, NSTC.
NSTC is a primary player in the upcoming field of Nanotechnology. NSTC functions as a Nanotechnology platform in India, and facilitates collaborations between academia, corporate houses and institutions within India and abroad. It also facilitates awareness creation in the area of Nanotechnology through distance learning programs and corporate trainings.
Midas Systems, Korea develops and produces various high end equipments such as Spin Coaters, Nano Imprint equipment and Mask Aligners. These equipments are required by laboratories and companies related to semiconductors, MEMS, Bioelements and Nanotechnology.
Nanotechnology has been projected as the biggest new revolution after the IT wave, with US Govt. estimates positioning it as a $1trillion industry by 2015. Various universities in India have begun introducing NanoScience as part of their syllabi. Notable among these are the UP Technical University, MP Technical University, Punjab Technical University and many others. Experts estimate that the industry will soon require upto 10 lakh nanotechnology trained personnel per year within the next 5 years.
About NSTC
The NanoScience and Technology Consortium(NSTC), located at NOIDA, India is a unique body that acts as a Nanotechnology platform, bringing together various stakeholders in the nanotechnology revolution. The body facilitates collaboration between various players in India and abroad, and also carries out various activities in the area of Nanotechnology awareness through e-learning. The organization has signed various international MOU’s and has approximately 250 corporate and institutional members. In addition to technology transfer, the organization carries out corporate trainings and various publication activities, and publishes India’s leading journal in Nanotechnology, entitled NanoTrends.
About Midas Systems
Midas Systems, Korea, develops and produces Mask Aligner, Nanoimprint and Spin Coater equipment required by laboratories and companies related to semiconductors, MEMS, Bioelements and Nanotechnology.
Source: NSTC