Posted: December 15, 2009

Chemical Nanotechnology Talks X: Green nano - challenges of sustainability

(Nanowerk News) The next event "Chemical Nanotechnology Talks" will take place on January 26-27, 2010 in Frankfurt am Main on the topic "Green Nano: Challenges of Sustainability".
To keep our carbon footprint on our planet as lean as possible is the top challenge to mankind and industry as well. On the one hand still every production and use of material is not as efficient as it should or could uselessly destroy resources, e.g. degrading and corroding construction materials. On the other hand, conversion and storage of alternative energy sources for everyday use are central aspects of responsible care, too. Finally reducing the effects of modern society on the environment stays as an important task. Nanotechnology can provide answers for many questions concerning these challenges and has already done so in a plenty of cases. This shall be demonstrated in this years CNT in it's 10th anniversary.
Chemical Nanotechnology Talks (CNT) is an event for international participants, stressing chemical nanotechnology. Every year there is a focus on a particular theme. This year’s focus lies on “Green Nano: Challenges of Sustainability” including themes like resources, energy and environment. Lectures, held by national and international experts and the opportunity for especially young scientists to present their work and research on posters form a well-balanced conference programme. Recent years experiences show that decision makers from industry and academic institutions like to visit CNT - also because of ample time scheduled for discussion with other participants during coffee breaks and the poster party.