Posted: January 28, 2010

Consortium awarded crucial advisory contracts on the regulation of nanomaterials under REACH

(Nanowerk News) A consortium led by SAFENANO from the Institute of Occupational Medicine has been awarded two contracts by the Institute for Health and Consumer Protection of the European Commission's Directorate General Joint Research Centre (JRC) concerning the development of specific advice on the assessment of nanomaterials under REACH.
The first project, REACH-NanoInfo (also known as RIP-oN2), addresses the REACH information requirements on intrinsic properties of nanomaterials. The second project, REACH-NanoHazEx (RIP-oN3), addresses undertaking exposure assessments and conducting hazard and risk characterisation for nanomaterials within the REACH context.
The consortium is a partnership between SAFENANO, the Nanotechnology Industries Association, Cefic, and Soluzioni Informatiche, and brings together internationally renowned experts from disciplines including physical sciences, life sciences, occupational hygiene, and risk assessment.
The output from the projects will be developed over a period of 12-16 months in consultation with a range of stakeholders and will be used by the European Commission to support further developments in REACH Guidance on Information Requirements and Chemical Safety Assessment. Both projects start in January 2010.
Speaking at the project's inception meeting in Ispra, SAFENANO Director and project leader Dr Rob Aitken said "we are delighted the European Commission has chosen our consortium to deliver these two important and challenging projects".