Posted: February 1, 2010

Call for papers: 3rd European Conference for Clinical Nanomedicine, 10-12 May 2010

(Nanowerk News) The 3rd European Conference for Clinical Nanomedicine is calling for papers on original research aimed at future or current clinical application of nanoscience.
This includes clinical trial designs, reports of ongoing and completed clinical trials, preclinical work, and technology papers with a clinical long-term vision.
The CLINAM-conference 2010 promises to become this year's focal meeting point in Europe to get insight into the state of the art in clinical nanomedicine and to learn about the research and latest results in nanomedicine.
As in all novel emerging technology fields the massive investments in scientific and technical research in nanomedicine are not yet bringing back the returns that they will one day.
The conference is the place to investigate not only the state of the art of clinical nanomedicine but also the translational pathway towards the practice, the product and the applicability to the benefit of patients.
Conference sessions
Oral sessions in the conference will include:
  • Clinical topics: nanomedicine for cardiovascular disease, oncology, haematology, neurology/ neurosurgery, implants, inflammation, orphan diseases, dermatology, eye disease, ear disease, tissue repair, orthopaedics and many others.
  • Technology sessions, including nano-systems, nanoparticles, nanoanalytics and diagnostics, toxicology, nanoimaging, targeted drug delivery using nanoparticles, GMP and quality assurance, and others.
  • The implications of nanomedicine for society, developing countries, the environment, public health finance and other subjects.
  • Unsolved medical problems for which a novel solution is proposed.
  • Novel hypotheses, concepts and ideas, if they can be supported by thorough reasoning.
  • Exhibitions
    A Foyer Exhibition will show the existing tools, instruments and materials in the field of regenerative medicine, diagnostics, targeted drug delivery systems, novel materials for nanoparticles, imaging, biomaterials/ biosensors/ biomarkers, nanomedicine-related medical tools and medical instrumentation as well as existing nanobased clinical medications.
    There will also be a University Village is the space for universities and research institutes, giving opportunity for presenting novel approaches, new research projects and initial outcomes of research and experimental results.
    The CLINAM Idea and Patents Marketplace intends to bring out the knowledge about innovations that have been patented in nanomedicine to evaluate, when they are awaiting industrial implementation.
    Target Audience
    The faculty of this conference includes pioneers, opinion leaders and active researchers from medicine and nanoscience, who share their experience and interact in a highly inter-disciplinary manner that widens the mutual understanding for both sides.
    The conference and exhibition are aimed at clinical physicians as well as nanoscientists with a background of pharmacology, biology, physics, chemistry, biophysics, materials science and engineering, all involved in the development or clinical application of nanomedicine.
    The event is also of interest for policy makers, experts from industry in the field of life sciences and those involved in the development of new tools and materials for nanomedicine, as well as all those investigating the potential of future emerging technologies.
    Experts from venture companies can also acquire knowledge here on both existing and upcoming developments and novel products in the emerging field of nanomedicine.
    Source: MBT Europe (press release)