Posted: February 1, 2010

Nanotechnology: balancing the promises

(Nanowerk News) "Nanotechnology: balancing the promises" is an electronic publication (ePub) about the evolution of Nanotechnology. This free digital book includes 42 original plates of nanoparticles.
The book has been published by NanoWikI, a digital online publication developed in the frame of NanoAracat, to track the evolution of paradigms and discoveries in nanoscience and nanotechnology field, annotate and disseminate them, giving an overall view and feed the essential public debate on nanotechnology and its practical applications.
"We would like to start the year with some thoughts on some of the recent news appeared in Nanowiki 2009. In this occasion we would like to focus on probably one of the major impact areas of nanotechnology nowadays, that is, to solve the question of its preasumed potential uses in medicine versus its unknown potential in human health and environment risks. This new thing, does it heal or does it kill? Ultimately, both, the toxicity and the medical applications will emerge from the interaction dynamics between inorganic and organic matter at the nanometric (molecular) scale. The responsible implementation of Nanotechnology will result as a balance between the risks and benefits to society analyzed by a broad spectrum of stakeholders. Our intention is to promote the debate on the evolution of this young discipline, nanotechnology, for its safe and responsible development. In parallel, we would like to approach Nature to society through Science and Nanotechnology."
Source: NanoWiki