Posted: February 2, 2010

INIC funds 1442 nanotechnology researchers in Iran

(Nanowerk News) The Iran Nanotechnology Initiative Council offers various supports to active researchers in different fields of nanotechnology to encourage the Iranian scientists for more work in this field.
Accordingly, INIC has given financial aid to 1442 persons committed to science and research activities concerning nanotechnology since March 2004.
Researchers whose master degree/doctoral dissertations are related to nanotechnology or publish scientific papers in ISI indexed journals or give presentations in international nano-related conferences are competent to receive the funds.
Another supporting policy, which has been approved recently, entails funding Iranian patents that are filed in European countries and the US.
According the speakers of the Council, regarding the considerable amount of fundamental nano-related researches that have been conducted so far, INIC's strategic supporting plans target on commercialization.
All these supports/encouragements, worth $12 mln up to now, have motivated a generation of young scientists to research and turn into nanoscience and nanotechnology.
INIC aims to offer supporting programs regarding Iranian students outside the country which will be fully announced (including all details and required forms) via the English version of INIC website.
Source: INIC