Posted: February 10, 2010

New nanotechnology magazine for the environment publishes first issue

(Nanowerk News) ENT magazine was initiated by IANET Association. It was founded in 2009 by a group of researchers who are involved in the study of nanotechnology for the environment. ENT Magazine is an international magazine covering the latest research, applications, and opinions in the field of nanotechnology for the environment - alternative energies, water, air and soil purification.
ENT magazine
The aim of the magazine is to exchange knowledge and experience between scientists, universities, patent holders, municipal structures, investors and commercial companies; communicate the latest news, opinions and findings and realized projects related to nanotechnology for the environment.
In this magazine you will find interesting sections such as: industry update, patents & licenses; looking for investors, research, nanogadgets and country focus. The main purpose of this magazine is for research to meet business.
Nanotechnology is a recent and complex theme and is booming in many different sectors. We would like all kind of readers to identify to this magazine as it not only a theoretical tool, but and intermediate for the professionals of nanotechnology for the environment, as well as an interactive tool, providing readers with news, research projects, industrialized projects…
Feel free to contact the ENT Magazine editorial team and collaborate with them by sending your opinions about the articles you read, your new ideas and projects in terms of research. You are also welcome to submit your articles and interact with potential partners especially in the concerned sections such as “looking for investors”, “patent holders”, “top research centre” and “events”.
Striving to improve this magazine’s quality, you are more than welcome to contact us and give us your feedback and opinions. Indeed, we position ourselves as a dynamic magazine with strong convictions in practicality for green nanotechnology and interactivity.
Source: IANET Association