Posted: February 19, 2007

Nanotechnology marketing on YouTube

(Nanowerk News) Smart marketing for nanotechnology products has reached YouTube. mPhase Technologies, the company behind a nanotechnology-enabled battery with unlimited shelf life, has posted a video demonstration of its Smart Nanobattery on the YouTube website.
The video illustrates in layman's terminology some fundamental concepts behind the smart nano battery. The company has proven it is possible to fabricate nanotech-based "smart" batteries, which can store reserve power for decades and generate electric current virtually on demand.
The prototype battery is based on a discovery that liquid droplets of electrolyte will stay in a dormant state atop nanotextured surfaces until stimulated to flow, thereby triggering a reaction producing electricity. This effect can permit precise control and activation of the batteries when required
Technical background:
A battery depends upon a chemical reaction. A variety of chemistries can be used. Nanotechnology provides a unique mechanism to combine the chemicals and control the characteristics of the reaction. The image is a representative example of "nanograss" tubes. These tubes provide a "Superhydrophobic NanoStructured Surface" atop of which can be placed a droplet.
The droplet sits above the tubes with little or no interaction with the tubes themselves. But by careful engineering the droplet can be made to fall within the space between the tubes encountering a greatly increased surface area and interacting with the tubes themselves to causing current to flow. The drop can be engineered to occur upon a variety of stimuli: voltage, RF and/or others.
Source: mPhase