Posted: February 14, 2010

Seeking papers and artworks on the intersections of chemistry, nanotechnology and art

(Nanowerk News) 2011 is the International Year of Chemistry! To celebrate Leonardo is seeking to publish papers and artworks on the intersections of chemistry, nanotechnology and art for their on-going special section on nanotechnology and the arts.
Since its inception nanotechnology/science has been intimately connected to chemistry; fullerenes, nanoputians, molecular machines, nano-inorganics and self-assembling molecular systems all spring from the minds and labs of chemists, biochemists and chemical engineers. If you’re a nanotechnology-oriented chemist who is serious about art, an artist working on the molecular level, or a chemical educator exploring the mysteries of nanotechnology through the arts Leonardo is especially seeking submissions from you.
Leonardo articles already published or in press that explore the intersections of nanotech/science and art include: Nanoscale and Painting by artist Filipe Rocha da Silva, Fact and Fantasy in Nanotech Imagery by scientist David S. Goodsell, and Midas: A Nanotechnological Exploration of Touch by artist Paul Thomas.
Interested artists and authors are invited to send proposals, queries and/or manuscripts to the Leonardo editorial office at [email protected] By post: Leonardo, 211 Sutter Street, Suite 501, San Francisco, CA 94108, U. S. A.
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The Leonardo Scientists Working Group (Tami Spector, Chair)
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