Posted: February 22, 2010

New review journal to organize studies in the nanotechnoloigy, nanoscience and nanobiotechnology fields

(Nanowerk News) Co-Action Publishing has announced the launch of their latest title, Nano Reviews. The journal’s Editor-in-Chief, Professor Vasudevanpillai Biju of the National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST), Japan, seeks no less than to organize the flood of studies that are currently emanating from the Nanoscience, Nanotechnology, Nanobiotechnology and Single-moledule research areas – the 3NS field.
From his editorial: “The unique materials and technologies that have emerged during the advancement of 3NS research have been extensively utilized to untangle problems in the biomedical field, indicating that a strong but largely concealed interplay exists among functional and structural nanomaterials, micro-nanofabrication, theory, bioinformatics, bioconjugate chemistry, biophysics, biological chemistry, biotechnology, and medical and engineering sciences. This interplay is now at the heart of an explosion of 3NS and cross-disciplinary research results that are being published on a daily basis.”
Nano Reviews aims to address this flood of information by providing a completely interdisciplinary forum to gather all aspects of important and high quality research in the 3NS field in the form of review articles, and to deliver this information globally through an open access model. In addition to the review articles, the “nano express” section of the journal accepts short communications on cutting-edge research, in an effort to cross-pollinate ideas and approaches. The journal is supported by five Senior Editors and an international Editorial Advisory Board that includes high caliber researchers from across the disciplines working in the 3NS field.
Senior Publisher Anne Bindslev says that Nano Reviews captures content and subject matter that is well positioned to reap the benefits of an open access publishing model: “This is a highly interdisciplinary area of research, with a high level of research output. Publishing review articles in the 3NS field open access should translate into a rapid dissemination of useful information to chemists, physicists, material scientists, biologists, biotechnologists, biomedical researchers, and technologists around the world, at universities, research institutes, and R&D industries. Co-Action Publishing is proud to be a part of that effort.”
Editor-in-Chief Vasudevanpillai Biju is a Chief Researcher at the National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST), Japan, was a Visiting Scientist at the Department of Chemistry and Biochemstry, University of Texas at Austin, USA, in addition to being a Visiting Professor at the Center for Arthropod Bioresources and Biotechnology, Kerala University, India. He received the 14th Hiraga Gennai Award by the Ozaki Foundation of Japan and has been selected for Young Asian Chemist Award in 2010 by the Japanese Chemical Society. Dr. Biju’s own research is currently focused on interfacing nanoparticles with biomolecules in an effort to untangle vital biophysical functions in cells.
Source: Co-Action Publishing