Posted: March 3, 2010

European project for Engineered NanoParticle Risk Assessment publishes first newsletter

(Nanowerk News) The first ENPRA Newsletter (pdf download) is now available to download. The newsletter offers an introduction to the ENPRA project, and summarises research progress and developments from its first 6 months, together with a summary of upcoming events and noteworthy announcements.
Launched in May 2009, ENPRA (Engineered NanoParticle Risk Assessment) is a major new European Framework 7 project to develop and implement a novel integrated approach for engineered nanoparticle (ENP) risk assessment.
With an estimated economic impact of $292 billion by 2010 across industrial, consumer and medical products, nanotechnology is already one of the key industries within Europe and worldwide. Key to its long term growth and sustainability is establishing end-user confidence that the technologies developed are safe. ENPRA aims to support long term growth and sustainability of nanotechnologies by expanding the classic exposure-dose-response paradigm of risk assessment, to develop an effective approach for the assessment and management of potential health risks from exposure to engineered nanoparticles.
Worth €3.7 million, the 3.5 year project is led by the Institute of Occupational Medicine (IOM) in Edinburgh under the co-ordination of Dr Lang Tran, IOM’s Director of Computational Toxicology. It harnesses the knowledge and capabilities of 15 European and 6 US partners including three US Federal Agencies: EPA, NIOSH and NIH-NIEHS, and utilises the latest advances within in vitro, in vivo and in silico approaches to nanotechnology environment, health & safety (EHS) research.
Source: ENPRA