Posted: March 12, 2010

NAIT offers Canada's first diploma in nanotechnology

(Nanowerk News) NAIT’s new Nanotechnology Systems diploma – the first such diploma in Canada is launching in September 2010. The two year program will provide graduates with the skills to operate systems and equipment associated with Canada’s emerging nanotechnology industry.
“Nanotechnology is an emerging field of study that draws together recent discoveries in physics, biology and chemistry. Tools and techniques are now available that let engineers, scientists and technologists explore and manipulate the astoundingly small realm of atoms and molecules. At the nanometer scale all sorts of novel and useful characteristics emerge that have enormous potential to improve products and processes in so many industries, says Mark Archibald, Chair Electronics Engineering Technology. “Our goal is to prepare technicians and technologists for entry into exciting and rapidly evolving careers in nanotechnology.”
The Canadian nanotech sector is just beginning to emerge, and Alberta is a major player. The Alberta government unveiled a nanotechnology strategy in 2007, outlining an investment of funds and infrastructure aimed at capturing a $20 billion share of the worldwide nanotechnology market by 2020. Alberta now boasts a growing nanotech enterprise sector of more than 40 companies, with many located in the Edmonton region.
"With the growth of Alberta's new technology based economy, it's imperative that NAIT train students with the skills required to operate high technology based systems and equipment, said Ken Brizel, CEO ACAMP, Alberta's Centre for Advanced Micro Nano Technology Products. “The new Nanotechnology Systems diploma will provide students with valuable industry credentials."
NAIT’s Nanotechnology Systems diploma will help to prepare the workforce for this burgeoning industry. Graduates will fill technical roles in nanotechnology manufacturing and research departments, supporting engineers and scientists.
NAIT is one of the preeminent institutes of technology in Canada, providing real-world education in business, advanced technologies and skilled trades to almost 85,000 learners worldwide. Known for student success, NAIT also engages with business and industry in applied research and innovation and provides corporate training around the world.
Source: NAIT