Posted: March 19, 2010

Greener nanotechnology conference - reducing principles to practice

(Nanowerk News) SNNI's 5th annual conference, GN10: Reducing principles to practice on June 16-18, 2010 in Portland, Oregon, will feature the latest developments in the design and production of greener nanomaterials, discuss and debate how to move the technology forward while developing environmentally sound products and processes, and focus on a few critical developments that will determine whether the U.S. will be a leader or a follower in this critical field.
“Nano EHS” has become a staple in just about every undertaking or conversation involving nanotechnology. Are we making progress at this or merely having the same meetings again and again? Is the promise of nanomaterials innovation for energy, security, medicine and resource conservation/protecting being advanced or slowed down by all this attention?
Presentations, including a research poster session, will range from fundamental research to industrial applications and will include keynote presentations from experts in the field followed by a series of interactive, fast-paced discussions that will engage the audience.
Program Topics & Confirmed Keynote Speakers
Greener Nanomanufacturing
Dr. John Rogers, Lee J. Flory Founder Chair in Engineering Innovation, Professor of Materials Science and Engineering, Professor of Chemistry, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Characterization Challenges
Dr. Scott McNeil, Director, Nanotechnology Characterization Laboratory for the National Cancer Institute
Dr. Debra Kaiser, Chief of the Ceramics Division, Materials Science and Engineering Laboratory, National Institute for Standards and Technology
Nanotechnology and Policy
Mr. Travis M. Earles, Co-chair, Subcommittee on Nanoscale Science, Engineering & Technology, National Science and Technology Council, and Assistant Director for Nanotechnology, Office of Science and Technology Policy
Dr. Richard Denison, Senior Scientist, Environmental Defense Fund
Registered participants are invited to join us for a fascinating tour of Nike’s famous World Campus in Beaverton, Oregon immediately following the conclusion of the conference.
Who should attend?
This conference brings together researchers, industry leaders, entrepreneurs and policymakers to discuss approaches to developing economically viable, environmentally benign methods to advance nanotechnology. If you are interested in learning about nanotechnology or how to adopt strategies to develop inherently safer, greener nanomaterials, then this conference is for you.
New this year!
The event includes a free half-day seminar “Greener Nano 101” on Wednesday, June 16th. If you are new to the field, and want to learn how the principles of greener nanotechnology can be applied to provide opportunities for innovation, while improving the financial bottom line, we encourage you to attend Greener Nano 101. Experts in the field will present lectures from academia and industry. Topics will include a nanotechnology primer and the principles of green nanotechnology, the application of green nanotechnology in both academia and industry as well as the policy implications of adopting a greener approach. A moderated round-table discussion will allow seminar participants to apply greener nano principles to real-world problems in nanotechnology. Space is limited, so register today!
Source: SNNI