Posted: March 21, 2010

Symposium on the convergence of nanotechnology and life sciences

(Nanowerk News) The intersection of nanotechnology with the field of life sciences - including its growing impact on health care through improved diagnosis, treatment and prevention of disease - was the theme of a national conference held at the University of Albany's College of Nanoscale Science & Engineering (CNSE) on March 19.
Presented jointly by CNSE and Empire State Science and Technology, "A Symposium on the Convergence of Nanotechnology and Life Sciences" brought together a group of recognized experts working at the interface of nanotechnology and medicine - including scientists, researchers, physicians and entrepreneurs - to share leading-edge innovations, discuss the commercialization of nanomedicine, and explore emerging interdisciplinary opportunities.
Speakers represented academic institutions that are engaged in nanobioscience and nanomedicine education, research and development, including CNSE, Duke University, MIT, RPI and Brown University, as well as private industry partners involved in commercializing cutting-edge applications, including General Electric, Millipore Corporation, and Nanomed Devices Inc. The Symposium also included a trade show and poster session.
Source: CNSE