Posted: March 25, 2010

MINATEC event will combine updates on micro- and nanotechnologies and networking with global leaders

(Nanowerk News) Leti today announced that it will host its 12th Annual Review on June 22 during MINATEC Crossroads '10 in Grenoble.
In addition to an update on Leti’s strategic positioning with its partners, the annual review offers a unique opportunity for attendees to learn how Leti can help them to meet their needs in innovation, bringing new technologies to market and creating value.
Presenters will include Leti experts, partners and speakers from leading companies and research organizations such as Renault, Bull, Nokia and Caltech.
A sample of presentation topics includes:
  • Embedded systems design challenges
  • Electronic challenges for energy management in electric vehicles
  • Green data centers and microelectronics
  • Micro- and nanotechnology progress for energy monitoring
  • Enhancing consumer experience with mobile devices through radio technology research
  • Solutions for massively parallel computing
  • The MEMS R&D landscape in Japan
  • “Our annual review is a perfect fit for MINATEC Crossroads ’10, a major international event offering a unique opportunity to hear the latest findings from global experts in microelectronics and nanotechnologies,” said Laurent Malier, CEO of Leti. “Both events also present the business, financial and research communities with a relaxed setting to discuss their mutual interests.”
    The June 21-24 MINATEC Crossroads ’10 conference is an international gathering of leading researchers, technology experts and businesses that combines presentations on the latest developments in micro- and nanotechnologies with scheduled networking sessions. Leti’s annual review, which has been held in conjunction with MINATEC Crossroads in recent years, includes presentations on Leti’s evolving partnering strategies, technology updates and opportunities to meet key players in industry, finance and research. This year’s program includes several presentations on green technologies.
    MINATEC Crossroads ’10 also will give attendees an in-depth look at the GIANT (Grenoble Innovation for Advanced New Technologies) Innovation Campus project. The project, combining world-renowned research facilities with innovative, environmentally advanced residential, retail and recreational developments, represents a 1.3B€ investment during the next six years on a site of 220 hectares at the confluence of the Drac and Isère rivers. GIANT is designed to make Grenoble a world leader in science and technology, from basic research to innovation management, and includes campuses dedicated to three research pillars: MINATEC for micro- and nanotechnologies, a new energy technologies campus, and a healthcare and biotech applications campus.
    MINATEC Crossroads ’10 will feature conferences and workshops on the latest international research coming out of labs and facilities located on the MINATEC campus, including the groundbreaking work of Leti and other research institutes with designers, sociologists, performing artists and the public.
    MINATEC Crossroads ’10 sessions and presentations include:
  • Observatory Nano Symposium: a discussion of the four-year European Commission project to assess the opportunities and challenges of nanotechnology.
  • Nanostructures for Clinical Diagnosis and Therapy: A workshop with invited lectures covering research on and development of the most promising nano-assemblies specifically designed for human in-vivo use.
  • MINATEC’s plenary session will present insights into several initiatives taking place in France that focus on the interaction between science and society.
  • European Nanoelectonics Design Technology Conference: This will feature presentations by STMicroelectronics, France; ST-Ericsson, Sweden; Globalfoundries, Germany, and Leti.
  • Embedded Wafer-Level Packaging Workshop: Presentations on the state of the art and the potentialities of innovative packaging concepts.
  • Forum MTI on the Diffusion of Nanotechnologies: The forum MTI (Management Technology Innovation) deals with the promise of nanotechnologies as a major innovation opportunity. The session includes speakers from the University of Michigan, Boston University, SPRU University of Sussex, England; Grenoble Ecole de Management, UmanLab, Yole Développement and Grenoble Alpes Incubation.
  • About CEA-Leti
    CEA is a French research and technology organisation, with activities in three main areas: energy, technologies for information and healthcare, and defence and security. Within CEA, the Laboratory for Electronics & Information Technology (CEA-Leti) works with companies in order to increase their competitiveness through technological innovation and transfers. Leti is focused on micro and nanotechnologies and their applications, from wireless devices and systems, to biology and healthcare or photonics. Nanoelectronics and microsystems (MEMS) are at the core of its activities. As a major player in MINATEC excellence centre, Leti operates 8,000-m² state-of-the-art clean rooms, on 24/7 mode, on 200mm and 300mm wafer standards. With 1,200 employees, Leti trains more than 150 Ph.D. students and hosts 200 assignees from partner companies. Strongly committed to the creation of value for the industry, Leti puts a strong emphasis on intellectual property and owns more than 1,400 patent families. In 2008, contractual income covered more than 75 percent of its budget worth 205 M€.
    Source: Leti