Posted: April 6, 2010

Leti workshop on innovative memory technologies to include presentations by STMicroelectronics, Numonyx, Hewlett-Packard and Hanyang University

(Nanowerk News) Leti, a leading global research center committed to creating and commercializing innovation in micro - and nanotechnologies, is hosting a workshop on innovative memory technologies at MINATEC during Minatec Crossroads’10 events on Monday, June 21.
The memory workshop will explore the latest achievements in semiconductor memory technologies. Topics will range from short-term to long-term memory solutions, including:
  • Floating-gate, charge-trap non-volatile memories for embedded or stand-alone applications.
  • Resistive memory technologies such as phase-change memories and oxide–based memories.
  • Three-dimensional integration approaches to increase memory density
  • Innovative ideas covering thin-film memories, molecular memories, bio-inspired memories and new architectures.
  • The workshop also will feature presentations by leaders in the global memory industry: STMicroelectronics, Numonyx, HP and Hanyang University.
    About CEA Leti
    CEA is a French technological research public organisation, with activities in three main areas: low carbon energies, technologies for information and healthcare, and defence and security. Leti, a CEA laboratory located in Grenoble, is one of the main European applied research centers in electronics. More than 85% of its activity is devoted to industrial research with 350 contracts a year. Since its creation in 1967, Leti has led to the creation of more than 30 start-ups in high-technology. The main areas of activity are micro- and nano-technologies for microelectronics (more Moore, More than Moore and Beyond CMOS), technologies, design and integration of microsystems, photonics and imaging technologies, micro- and nano-technologies for biology and health, communication technologies and nomadic objects. Leti operates with an annual budget of 200 M€ and employs 1,000 people with, in addition, more than 600 external collaborators (postgraduates, research and corporate partners). Leti has 8,000m² of clean rooms, an equipment portfolio worth 200 M€ and invests more than 40 M€ a year on new equipment. Leti has a dynamic Intellectual Property policy and has filed more than 250 new patent applications in 2008.
    Source: CEA Leti