Posted: March 7, 2007

Nanotechnology is the next Big Bang in food formulation

(Nanowerk News) today carries an article titled "The evolution of the nanotech revolution" – how the emerging science of nanotechnology is the next Big Bang in food formulation, processing and packaging.
One noteworthy example of nanotechnology applications in food mentioned in the article is salt fortified with vitamins, iodine and ion which helped improve the nutrition of Maroccan school schildren. This work was done by researchers at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology and, being Swiss, their study also involved studying nanocapsule application for the gelling of proteins to produce a tailored cheese with an adjusted texture and a higher protein and nutrient levels than that made in a traditional manner.
The article also mentions a number of well-known reports and surveys on food related nanotechnology as well as market size forcasts.
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