Posted: April 16, 2010

European FP7 project surveys industry on the success factors in commercialization of nanotechnology

(Nanowerk News) The EC NanoCom project has opened a web based industrial consultation to discover the key success factors in exploiting pre-competitive research. We are encouraging all nanotech companies to contribute to this study, which will help to influence the debate on the best mechanisms of commercialisation for nanotechnologies.
The output of this survey will be a published document that makes recommendations to the European Commission on best practice for investing in emerging nanotechnologies with respect to the FP7 NMP theme and for the future Framework 8 programme.
NanoCom is a coordinated action funded by the European Commission under the FP7 NMP programme. The NanoCom coordinated action aims to contribute towards bridging the gap between lab based and industrial applications in nanotechnology.
The objective of this questionnaire is to identify and rank both the success factors for commercialisation and the main barriers to commercialisation within the nanotechnology field. The resulting outcomes will be used to create a European wide approach and mechanisms for lowering the barriers and contributing towards the rapid commercialisation of innovative nanotechnology driven products.
The questionnaire has been designed to be intuitive and will take no more than ten minutes to complete. There are four main sections covering:
1. Background Information: to provide relevant domain specific data on your organisation.
2. Success Indicators: to better understand the types of business related effects resulting from successful nanotechnology activities.
3. Success Factors: to gain an insight into the key building blocks, criteria and associated success factors for your most successful nanotechnology related activities.
4. Barriers: to obtain a reverse insight from Section 3 and record the most significant barriers your organisation faces in all nanotechnology related activities.
Your time and effort spent in completing this questionnaire is greatly appreciated. Please provide your contact information in the beginning of the questionnaire so that a full report may be sent to you free of charge upon completion of the analysis.
Source: nanoKTN