Posted: April 26, 2010

Event will showcase University of Edinburgh's nanotechnology research

(Nanowerk News) The NanoKTN has joined with the University of Edinburgh to highlight the current advances in nanotechnology. The one-day event will showcase the University of Edinburgh’s current nanotechnology research including expertise in nanotoxicology, nanoenergy, nanosensors, nanomaterials, nanoelectronics and nanometrology.
The study of materials and devices at the nanoscale, in the past mainly of interest to the academic community, has in recent years begun to be adopted by industry across a wide range of sectors including energy, healthcare, electronics, environment and materials. Today the science is moving ever more rapidly from the laboratory into profitable innovative applications, as nanotechnology offers ways to create products with significantly improved performance when compared to their conventional counterparts.
The University of Edinburgh has proven itself as one of the UK’s and Europe’s leading institutions for academic research in nanoscience encompassing electronics, chemistry, medicine, physics, materials, engineering, metrology and toxicology and in most cases the interdisciplinary interfaces between them. It has built up a large research capability that is now seeking to link with industry with the aim of realising new products, processes and innovative business opportunities through their academic expertise, as well as building project consortia for future funding competitions.
This one-day meeting will look at the current research being carried out by the University of Edinburgh and through technical presentations from researchers and industry professionals, the showcase will give a commercial and academic insight into the future of nanotechnology.
The programme includes presentations from leading professors, lecturers and research scientists at the University of Edinburgh. Issues surrounding the use of nanoparticles and the fabrication and characterisation of devices and systems at the micro and nanoscale for nanoelectronics, biomimetic, sensing and communications will be discussed.
There will also be a presentation on the forthcoming FP7UK NMP calls as well as presentations from the Institute of Nanotechnology and industry players including Kelvin Nanotechnology Ltd, CEMMNT Hub Ltd, Printable Electronics Technology Centre (PETEC) and SAFENANO.
Alec Reader, Director at the NanoKTN comments, “The NanoKTN is pleased to be supporting the first event of its kind at the University of Edinburgh as we recognise the importance of these events for industry players to make new contacts and view current research and development.”
Reader continues, “There is a strong emphasis on networking at this event which is key to forging new partnerships with the University and other participants, which can lead to future collaborations and the formation of project consortia.”
Source: nanoKTN