Posted: April 30, 2010

Nanomedicine: Reality now and soon - ESF-UB conference in biomedicine

(Nanowerk News) The application of nanotechnology will have a major influence in many fields of medicine. Novel nano-based materials appear in drug delivery systems, diagnostics, imaging, biosensing, and medical materials and devices.
This conference aims to provide detailed understanding and discuss the clinical utility of those areas of nanomedicine which are close to application or already clinically applied/on the market. Invited international experts active in nanomedicine development from industry, clinic and academia will give in-depth lectures on the state-of-the-art including a critical analysis of the likely impact on human healthcare. Spotlights will also be put on new possibilities arising in the near future.
Sessions will include: Advanced Nanomaterials; Nanobioanalytics & Nanotoxicology; Nanopharmaceuticals on the Market; Interactions with the Biological Milieu; Nanoimaging; Ligand-Mediated Targeting; Nanopharmaceuticals in Clinical Development; Targeted Nanomedicine & EC; Intracellular Delivery of Macromolecules; Tissue Repair.
Nanomedicine: Reality Now and Soon, October 23-28, 2010, Hotel Eden Roc, Sant Feliu de Guixols, Spain.
Source: European Science Foundation