Posted: May 11, 2010

Nanotechnology entrepreneurs finance event in the UK

(Nanowerk News) Do you want to meet like minded business innovators in the nanotechnology field? The NanoKTN, in partnership with The University of Nottingham's Nanotechnology and Nanoscience Centre, is holding its next finance event hosted by BioCity: "NanoEntrepreneurs Focus Group Workshop: ‘Commercialisation Opportunities & Challenges within the East Midlands Region". Wednesday 19th May 2010, BioCity, Nottingham
The big challenge currently for the successful exploitation of basic nanoscience is the translation of knowledge into nanotechnology-enabled products via the development of vibrant and expansive companies especially in the SME sector.
The NanoEntrepreneurs focus group has been specifically created to focus on these business aspects and brings together SME innovators, academics, end users, investors, consultants, lawyers and accountants to network and exchange advice and information. The NanoEntrepreneurs focus group is currently touring the regions in the UK to host convenient workshops and events and has already visited Yorkshire and the South East of England.
The Event
This event is a one day workshop involving the leading business figures from the UK nanotechnology SMEs in the east midlands region. The day will feature presentations on funding opportunities and showcasing experiences of real nanotechnology companies, giving their perspective on their own company histories and outlining some of the challenges they have faced over the years and overcome.
Confirmed speakers include:
  • Prof Svetan Ratchev, FP7 NanoCom Project, University of Nottingham
  • Mike Walls, Applied Multilayers Ltd
  • Dr Andrew Naylor, Head of Process Development, Critical Pharmaceuticals Ltd
  • Amreesh Mishra, East Midlands Development Agency (EMDA)
  • Prof Clive Roberts, Chair of Pharmaceutical Nanotechnology & Director, Nottingham Nanotechnology and Nanoscience Centre, University of Nottingham
  • Dr Roger Carline, CEO, Eminate
  • Dr Ed Lester, Technical Director, Promethean Particles
  • Mike Butcher, Commercial Director, BHR Group
  • Ed Wass, Investment Manager, Catapault VM
  • Mike Eaton, Chair of Nanopharmaceuticals, Executive Board ETP Nanomedicine
  • Bruce Hallas, Managing Director, Marmalade Box
  • Who Should Attend
    The NanoEntrepreneurs focus group brings together both innovators and funders to discuss the essential issues in establishing and growing small companies. If you are in a management or director role within an existing company, or have aspirations to find out what it takes to be successful in this area, then this event will be an essential networking resource. The event will also enable those in the academic sector who have bright ideas to commercialise, to meet potential partners and funders. You should attend if you are:
  • Looking to partner with the showcased companies.
  • A high technology SME looking to get ideas and inspiration for new products.
  • An academic looking for partners to exploit a piece of developed IP.
  • Source: nanoKTN