Posted: May 14, 2010

6th International Nanotechnology Conference on Communication and Cooperation

(Nanowerk News) INC6, the 6th International Nanotechnology Conference on Communication and Cooperation - Mai 17-20, 2010 - Minatec/Grenoble.
This conference is unique in presenting in the same forum overviews of the nanotechnology policies and programs in Europe, Japan, US and other major regions and in addressing through invited technical talks from senior researchers major fields in nanotechnologies and their use in microelectronics.
Through this program INC6 targets a better communication and cooperation in nanotechnologies worldwide.
This conference gathers policy makers, industry leaders and senior researchers from US, Europe, Japan and other regions strongly involved in nanotechnology research. It is supported by the European Commission, by the Cabinet Office of the Prime Minister in Japan and by the NSF/NNI in US, by the microelectronic industry and by major Institutes of each region.
The meeting includes a “European Nanoelectronics Day” to be held on 17 May and focusing on national programs and initiatives in nanoelectronics within Europe. Each session at the INC conference typically has 3 invited speakers, one from each organizing region (Europe, Japan and USA). Regional research policies and nanoelectronics are the central themes of day 1 (Tuesday, May 18), and “bridges” to other domains (including biology, NEMS and photonics) will be discussed in the morning on day 2 (Wednesday, May 19). After the keynote speech a session is dedicated to other countries / regions having a significant activity in nanotechnology / nanoelectronics. The societal / economic impact of nanotechnology will be discussed during the rest of the conference.
Don’t miss the opportunity to meet the key players in nanotechnology.
Source: CEA-Leti