Posted: May 19, 2010

Workshop to identify commercial opportunities for nanotechnology in the UK

(Nanowerk News) The NanoKTN is pleased to announce that for the second-year running, it’s Electronic Devices and Nano Systems focus group will be hosting a workshop at this year’s S2K event in Cardiff, alongside JEMI UK. The workshop will look at the use of enabling technologies in nano-applications and will discuss areas where key technologies are yet to be established, with the aim to identify gaps in the market where UK companies can invest and become involved.
Successful adoption of new technologies requires more than just a good idea and money. The espousal of new technology needs end users and a large range of suppliers and partners to complete the supply chain. Completing this supply chain is an essential part of the successful adoption of new technologies and crucial to realise the full economic benefits from their early support.
There are a huge number of opportunities in the supply chain that will benefit the UK economy, not just those created by the end use of technology. For every job created at the end of the supply chain, there are three to five additional indirect jobs created in other areas. These may be companies making raw materials or equipment that will be used in manufacture, or companies measuring the output of the manufacturing processes, or providing analytical services to those manufacturers.
Support for the whole supply chain and its success is essential for the successful implementation of technology, be it in healthcare, security, sensors, optics or electronics.
The workshop will use presentations by a number of companies and organisations to stimulate discussion about the opportunities for UK based companies to engage in the supply chain and extend business, enabling more applications of nanotechnology to be fulfilled.
“There remain many gaps and opportunities in the supply chains and this meeting serves to identify these and help to formulate a strategy to fill them,” explains Alec Reader, Director of the NanoKTN.
Reader continues “The NanoKTN recognises the importance of networking and bringing together all elements of the supply chain and we hope to create an arena, where people can be brought together to foster new ideas. Workshops like this are of vital importance as it enables SMEs to meet with research scientists and talk with them about ideas and opportunities. Events like this are crucial if we are going to continue to see the UK nanotechnology market develop.”
S2K provides an interactive forum for high-level decision makers on both commercial and technical issues. Participation in S2K provides companies with a vital update on the issues facing the industry and the strategies for success in the future.
Mike Smyth, Chairman of S2K says, “Directors and CTOs from Metryx, Oxford Instruments and Surrey Nanosystems amongst others, will provide a wide range of inputs from different areas of the nanotechnology supply chain. This, combined with the breakout sessions, provides an excellent opportunity to input into commercialisation, strategy and roadmapping and the excellent speaker programme makes this nanotechnology workshop superb value for everyone working in the UK nanotechnology area.”
Source: nanoKTN