Posted: June 1, 2010

New open-access journal of nanotechnology launched by Beilstein Institute

(Nanowerk News) The Beilstein-Institut, a non-profit foundation, launches a scientific journal in the area of nanotechnology and nanoscience. The Beilstein Journal of Nanotechnology is an Open Access Journal, which is globally available and publishes the latest research results and reviews. Publishing in this Journal is offered without any fees for authors and readers.
The call for papers starts on June 1, 2010. All scientists working in the area of nanotechnology are invited to submit their manuscripts.
The Editor-in-Chief is Professor Thomas Schimmel. He is supported by a distinguished board of Associate Editors, all of whom are responsible for a particular subject area. Prof. Schimmel is a physicist at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology and director of its Institute of Nanotechnology.
The Beilstein-Institut, located in Frankfurt am Main in Germany, is the publisher of this Journal. The Beilstein-Institut also supports the joint project “NanoBiC”, a co-operation of several research institutes in Germany, and hosts the annual “Bozen Symposium”, which, this year, will address functional nanoscience.
The most important key facts for the Beilstein Journal of Nanotechnology are:
Open Access
All articles published in the Beilstein Journal of Nanotechnology are freely and universally accessible for everyone immediately upon publication: no user registration is required.
No Publication Fee
The publication of articles in the Beilstein Journal of Nanotechnology is free of charge. The journal is published and financed by the Beilstein-Institut and therefore publishing in the journal is offered without the imposition of any author fees or other publication charges.
General Publication Criteria
The main criteria for acceptance of an article for publication in the Beilstein Journal of Nanotechnology are high quality, originality, novelty and importance.
Peer Review
All articles published in the journal are fully refereed prior to acceptance. Detailed information about the review process is given in the Instructions for Referees. The Editor-in-Chief or an Associate Editor makes a final decision on the manuscript based on the referees' recommendations.
No Page Limit
There is no page limit for articles in the Beilstein Journal of Nanotechnology. Authors should provide enough background information to support the aim of study and the main claims of the paper, but unimportant or trivial information should not be included. The article length should be commensurate with its scientific content.
Authors Retain Copyright
Authors retain copyright of their articles. The articles of the Beilstein Journal of Nanotechnology are distributed under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution License, which permits unrestricted use, distribution, and reproduction in any medium, provided the original work is properly cited.
Detailed Experimental Data
It is the intention of the Beilstein Journal of Nanotechnology to publish articles with detailed descriptions of experimental data and procedures.
Source: Beilstein Institute