Posted: June 7, 2010

Substantial increase of EU Research Grants - SusChem organizes FP7 info-day 2010 for the chemical industry

(Nanowerk News) The EU research & development programme started off in 2007 with a yearly budget of € 6 billion. From 2010 this budget will drastically increase to over € 10 billion per year until 2013. The SusChem-info-day for this year is on 4th June in Brussels.
In 2010 several hundreds of millions of Euros will be available for funding innovative projects in the chemical industry. In fact, this year the EC will launch a large number of relevant calls for proposals such as:
  • FP7 NMP (Nano-Materials-Production) with topics such as modelling and control of intensified process systems for chemical and biotechnological processes and new materials for new energy efficient building components or lighter vehicles.
  • FP7 KBBE (Knowledge Based Bio Economy) including novel sources of biomass and bio-products as efficient production platforms of fine chemicals.
  • FP7 ENVIRONMENT with new technologies that maximise eco-efficiency.
  • FP7 ENERGY with materials and technologies for Solar Energy, Bio Energy, CO2 Carbon and Storage.
  • Deadlines for these programmes are end 2010, beginning 2011. Cefic Members can search GRANT-IT for detailed information on fundable topics or submit their project ideas through our grant assessment service. GRANT-IT is a unique system that provides Cefic members with a single access point and allows search through numerous EU funding programmes specifically filtered for the chemical industry.
    Our grant consultants work with small SMEs and large organisations and institutions to maximise the use of public funding by identifying relevant grant schemes and loan facilities from local governments and the European Commission.
    From identifying relevant local government grants, loans and award schemes as well as EU grants and schemes, to bid writing and advice on complying with the requirements of the particular grantor body, our consultants are dedicated to the success of our clients.
    Source: susChem