Posted: June 8, 2010

New method for quick functionalization of carbon nanotubes

(Nanowerk News) A group of Iranian researchers at University of Tehran succeeded in finding a new method to functionalize carbon nanotubes in a short period ("Fast and clean functionalization of carbon nanotubes by dielectric barrier discharge plasma in air compared to acid treatment ").
"Raw nanotubes can not be used directly," Maso'ud Vesali Naseh, one of the researchers of the project, told the news service of Iran Nanotechnology Initiative Council about the purpose of the activity.
"Therefore, some processes must be done in order to functionalize the nanotubes and to improve their properties. The main purpose of this research was to present an effective method to functionalize carbon nanotubes and to optimize the effective parameters of the process," Vesali Naseh said.
Noting that in this project, nanotubes were functionalized through the plasma method, and the main parameters of the process were optimized, he added, "The plasma method has various advantages over other chemical methods. The short duration of the process, less pollution and the less damage to the nanotubes are among the advantages of the method."
Elaborating on the procedure of the project, Vesali Naseh reiterated, "First, the carbon nanotubes were produced through a chemical steam settlement method. Then the thermal oxidation in air and acid washing processes were carried out in order to purify the nanotubes. Next, the nanotubes were put under plasma process in the presence of different gases such as the air."
"In order to compare the created functional groups by the plasma method, the nanotubes were functionalized by chemical methods and with nitric acid. The samples synthesized through the both processes were analyzed by TPD, SEM, XPS, and other methods," he added.
Source: INIC