Posted: June 15, 2010

International Nanoscience Student Conference to be held in August

(Nanowerk News) The international Nanoscience student Conference - INASCON will take place from 20th August through 22nd August 2010 at Baarlo, Netherlands. The conference has been successfully held in Denmark and Switzerland for three consecutive years. The theme of the conference is: 'Nanogeneration, bringing a dream into reality'.
The goal of the conference is to attract Bachelor's, Master's and PhD level students from around Europe in order to facilitate scientific collaboration and interpersonal interaction. The students in attendance will be offered a snapshot of the current state of the art in nanotechnology. Students will present their own work (poster/talk) as well as listen to lectures from leading scientists. It is great way to exchange experiences and to get a view on what is happening in Europe. The conference is being supported by the MESA+ Insitute of Nanotechonology in Enschede.
Conference fee will be 80 Euros; which includes meals and accommodation at Kasteel de Berckt, Baarlo, Netherlands. We recommend that you apply for a grant at your university/institute to cover your travel cost.
For registration and other information, please visit: After registration, you will receive notification. For any further information, you can mail at: [email protected]
The registration deadline is 1st August, 2010. But we encourage that you apply as soon as possible. You can also present your poster or can give a talk for 15 minutes (including question-answer session). Last date of abstract submission for the poster/talk is 6th August, 2010.